Services for Database

Most database maintenance operations have some impact on the database availability. Backing up and recovering data, checking data for integrity violation, capturing database statistics, and loading new data into the database are all routine maintenance operations with possible adverse impacts on the database availability.

One of the driving forces that have accelerated the development of database technology is the need to guarantee the quality of stored data. High data quality means that all database properties are adequately represented and preserved. Efficiently maintaining data integrity has gained critical nature due to the high cost embodied in the task of testing the validity of a large number of constraints required to be performed in large databases following each and every transaction. 

The emphasis in database privacy has to fall on a balance among confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data, rather than on confidentiality alone. This balance does not necessarily have to be a trade-off, but should take into account the sensitive nature of the data being stored and attempt to increase all three dimensions to the highest possible level.

The ITFS Database Expert Group support foollowing list of solutions and technologies
Designing and developing Architecture of Database and System Infrastructure
Help to designing hardware, network and security architecture
Installing and maintaining Databases
Develop apropriate backup strategy to provide optimum availability
Employing reporting tools and warehouse solutions
Performance tuning and optimization of system based Databases