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ITFS Group Ltd - leading international Infrastructure Integrator and consulting company, with expertise in database, information security, infrastructure and professional services solutions.

As a well-known Expert All-in-One services provider and software integrator, ITFS Group Ltd helps organizations with strategically, technological and tactical management challenges. Our's
infrastructure services include the design, implementation, and emargency supports of high performance, highly available, scalable, and manageable architectures.

With over 10 years of experience and high quality proven results, our experts led by state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, maximize projects success and leverage the experience of hundreds of successful implementations.

DDoS WAF Cloud

No Your Data isn't secure in CLOUD.

Thousands of users account compromised because businesses rely only on cloud safeguards...

Are your ready for 21 century computer risks? You have updated Incident Response Plan? Know what to do when you infrastructure attacked or your data compromised?

Contact our Computer Incident Response Experts Team - we will be happy to share our experience and knowledge with you

Contact Us

+972 (8) 6869050



Incident Response Team

We bring the full spector of our experienced team to every consulting project we undertake for clients - Profeccional, Experienced, Well Educated and Certified



Incidet Response Team

ITFS Group Ltd., Software Enginnering team provides professional integration services for wide range  of IT realted systems - Hardware, Software, DataBases and Infornation Securityy



Support Team

Our unic support methodology allos us to provide apropiate support services for any IT system needs - from regulat maintanace task to 24/7365 Emargency Response services.

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